Longaberger Australia – Be A Part Of It!

We are proud and excited to open the Longaberger opportunity to many new families in Australia. Yes, that's right! Longaberger is in Australia and all Longaberger Home Consultants can begin earning money and building a team in Australia!

We've opened up what we call "cross-border sponsoring," so ALL Longaberger Home Consultants have the opportunity to build a business in Australia.

The product line and procedures are different than the US, so please take the time to review and learn the information below.

Launch Timing and Enrollment Process
Now any Home Consultant can begin sponsoring new recruits in Australia. Simply click on the link below to help your new recruit submit their Australian Home Consultant Agreement and order their Business Kit; or print off the Australian Home Consultant Agreement below and submit the completed agreement with their Business Kit choice via mail to the Home Office at P.O. Box 3400, Newark OH, 43058-3400.

Here are your online resources for Longaberger Australia: