Tour Rewards


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  Workshop/Manufacturing Floor Tour

Experience the art of basketmaking right down on the weaving floor where you will see step by step how a beautiful, hand-crafted Longaberger Basket is made. This guided floor tour will take you through each process of the basketmaking experience. As a token of our appreciation, every guest will receive a commemorative stamped reinforcement. We recommend that you choose this option Monday through Friday when production is taking place. This guided tour last approximately 60 minutes.


When you group of 5 or more schedules a Make A Basket everyone can received 20% off and a make your own tie-on.

JW’s Workshop Alive (20+ guests required)

Join one of our skilled Basketmakers for an up close and personal weaving demonstration. Ask any questions you may have on the weaving process. The basket that has just been woven will be given to you for a special give-away or incentive. This is an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with our Basketmakers as they will share stories about their Longaberger story. Bring 20 or more guests to participate in this activity and must be reserved two weeks in advance. Limit one session per tour. Allow 60 minutes for this activity.

Have a Party in the Family Home

Book the family Home for your very own party or meeting! Have a ball with your friends in the replica home of the Longaberger family (reserve the home in one hour time increments from 10am to 4pm).