Longaberger has a long history of crafting America’s finest baskets.  Our exceptional quality has led to a long history of enduring quality second to none.  And while we’re very proud of that, we also know that there are times when accidents happen and the need for a repair of a beloved basket arises.  For that reason, we have created ReFRESH – a unique service for the specific purpose of repairing and restoring any basket we’ve ever offered.

ReFRESH is a simple concept – but it’s certainly not a simple task.  Over the past four decades, Longaberger has offered thousands of baskets, in hundreds of colors and countless patterns.  The skill and patience required to be able to repair anything in this vast array of possibilities is special and rare.    Lisa Green, a 25-year veteran of Longaberger, is a true artisan who possesses these qualities. 

Daily, Lisa faces the challenge of repairing our customers’ and collectors’ most-beloved treasures with a sense of excitement mixed with determination.  Lisa says, “I have a new challenge every day for fixing a problem… I especially love hearing the stories of how the basket got damaged and why they love the basket so much – they just want to know it can be fixed.” And fix them she does! 

Because of Lisa’s unique talents, she is able to take a damaged basket and make it look not like a new basket, but as if it was never damaged!  For example, Lisa was recently given a Cake Basket from the late 1980’s that was accidentally stepped on.  The damage included a broken handle, band and many crushed rows of weave.  Lisa spent over an hour matching the stain perfectly.  Years of use, sun exposure or other variables mean that no two baskets are ever exactly alike, even if they were almost identical when leaving here originally. 

After precisely matching the stain, Lisa carefully places the basket on an original form, careful to preserve all other aspects of this priceless treasure.  She then goes to work repairing the damage, ensuring that each piece used is the same size and color and has the same characteristics as the original.  Some repairs are simple, a broken piece of weave for example, while others are infinitely more complicated, like the Cake Basket mentioned above.  Those types of repairs can take hours to complete – but Lisa understands the importance of what she is doing.  “Maybe you carried this basket in your wedding or maybe it was a gift from a family member no longer with us,” Lisa says. “I treat each basket as if it were my own; I know that it’s more than a possession, it’s a part of someone’s life.”

Remember Lisa and our ReFRESH program the next time an unexpected accident happens to one of your baskets.

And if you’re lucky enough to escape such a situation, we still invite you to stop in at the Homestead and see Lisa put her skills to the test.   Customers are fascinated by the time and talent involved in the process of ReFRESH and Lisa is always happy to let them watch her work her magic to bring these special beauties back to life. 

ReFRESH is located on-site in the Make-A-Basket area at Longaberger Patio Shops.  Baskets can be dropped off in person, or mailed in for an estimate to be repaired. 

Estimates can take a few weeks to complete. We will call or e-mail you with the cost of the ReFresh. Once payment has taken place Lisa will begin bringing your treasure back to the basket you love! Each ReFresh is unique so process can take up to 8 to 10 weeks for the basket to be returned to you but it is well worth the wait.


Please complete the form below and mail your basket to:

The Longaberger Company

Attention – ReFresh

608 Main Street

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