Cut Flower & Carrot Centerpiece

If you only have access to cut flowers, never fear. Here is a cute way to use cut flowers and carrots to create a beautiful centerpiece in your 2016 Easter Basket. You have a couple different options. I was able to find a glass bowl that fits perfectly into the Easter Basket, but if you would rather use the protector, it works just as well. Place the protector in the basket. In the center, place some pre-soaked floral oasis. You want use enough to hold the florals, but leave about an inch or so between the oasis and the wall of the protector. I bought some cut white tulips and some great-looking white stock. I cut the tulips to size and began creating my arrangement, filling the gaps with the stock. Starting with carrots that still have their heads attached, I cut off the heads and also cut the bottom of the carrots so that the carrot extended beyond the trim strip and also covered the oasis. I arranged the carrots all the way around the basket in the inch or so that we left between the carrot and the protector wall. I used the leftover heads of the carrots to fill in around the tulips and stock for some added greenery. This couldn’t be prettier and will add some nice spring white to your table!