Carrot Plastic Ware

Outdoor dining in the spring can sometimes be precarious, but every once in a while we are blessed with a day that is sunny and warm, perfect for sharing a meal with loved ones while taking in the color and wonder of the spring landscape.

Here is a simple, yet festive idea using green plastic flatware. Craft and party supply stores usually have an array of plastic flat ware and paper napkins in varying colors. You will need green plastic flatware, orange paper napkins, and green pipe cleaners. Lay out an orange paper napkin, then take the green plastic knife, spoon, and fork, placing them on the left side of the napkin. Make sure the heads of the flatware are above the edge of the napkin and the bottoms of the flatware do not extend past the bottom of the napkin. Roll the napkin to the right with the flatware inside. Use the green pipe cleaner to tie up the napkin and flatware once you have finished rolling. Place the napkin and flatware combo into your Easter Basket. It looks like you have a basket full of carrots, but it also doubles as utensils for your guests. Kids will love helping with this simple project!