Bunny Cup Cake

Easter is always a time to satisfy a sweet tooth! Using your favorite cupcake and sugar cookie recipes, no sweet treat looks cuter in this year’s Easter Basket than bunny ear cupcakes.

Start by baking your favorite cupcakes and making both white and pink icing. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to create the ears, using a bunny head cookie cutter, or cut the ears free-hand. Before you bake the cookies, fold over the tops of some of the ears so they look like a floppy ear. Let the cupcakes and cookies cool before you apply the icing.

Apply white icing to the cupcakes with a pastry bag and icing tip. Now for the sugar cookie ears — using a butter knife, cover the ears with white icing. Use pink icing in a pastry bag, with a small tip to create the interior of the bunny ear so you can control where the icing goes. To attach the ear to the cupcake, simply stick the cookie into the white icing on your cupcake. If the cookie is too heavy to stay upright, you can stick a toothpick in the cookie and insert it into the cupcake.

Put your finished cupcakes into the basket – you may need to use a small cake plate that firs into the basket – so that the ears peek over the trim strip. Now you are ready for your Easter dinner with a treat so cute, your friends will come hopping back for more!