Winter Woodland Scene

Longaberger has made mantle decorating easier than ever! The WoodCrafts Moose, Bear, Small Reindeer, and Christmas Tree all look great together and are even better when they are placed in their miniature natural habitat.  This too-cute woodland scene not only pays homage to the great north, but also looks great all through the winter months.

What you need:

  • WoodCrafts Bear
  • WoodCrafts Moose
  • WoodCrafts Small Reindeer
  • WoodCrafts Christmas Tree
  • Moss (found at local craft supply store)
  • Small stones
  • Small twigs
  • Mini pine trees (live small trees look best, but faux trees work as well)

Sprinkle snow

Gather your supplies, and be creative. Create a bed of moss; add in a few stones and twigs. Place your mini pine trees. If you are using live ones be sure to place something underneath the container to catch the excess water when you water them.

Once the trees are placed, use some moss to camouflage the containers to keep the look very natural.

When the landscape is finished, add in your WoodCrafts Animals. Finally, scatter sprinkle snow over the landscape and creatures to give the scene a perfect wintry feel. This little woodland scene will soon have your neighbors and friends asking, “Where do I get those?”