Nature’s Bounty Santa Belly Planter Sleeve

The winter months are a great time to bring the outside, inside. Not only great for poinsettias, the Santa Belly Medium Planter Sleeve is a great way to show off nature’s winter bounty. Perfectly at home either in an entry way or on the hearth, this easy display brings indoors everything nature has to offer.

What you need:

  • Medium Santa Belly Planter Sleeve
  • Small birch logs (varying sizes)
  • Sprigs of Pine
  • Pine cones
  • Small strand of twinkle lights (either electric or battery-powered)

After you have assembled your supplies, begin adding the natural elements to your planter sleeve. Start with the birch logs – use the taller logs in the back and shorter in the front.

When you have the logs just the way you want them, add sprigs of pine to fill the gaps between the logs.

Next, throw in some pinecones for a smaller element to rest on the bed of pine you have created. Finally, add the twinkle lights. This gives it a soft glow and illuminates the beauty of nature.

The possibilities are endless! Add glitter picks for more sparkle, or forego the pinecones for some beautiful Christmas tree bulbs. The scent of the fresh pine will fill your home and the striking red of the Santa Belly Sleeve will attract any eye to this beautiful arrangement.