May Party Theme of the Month: Fiesta

Sombreros, guacamole and tacos! Olè! Inspired by our 2015 Cinco de Mayo Basket, this month we’re going to party the Mexican way with an exciting fiesta! This theme is a fun classic that with a little variation can easily be turned into a fresh idea. Try your hand at some of these party essentials to make your fiesta the new trend!


Essential 1: Food and Drink
The best part of a fiesta-themed event is that between taco bars and chips and salsa, most of the food assembly is done by your guests.


However, one of the items you will most likely be mixing up is the margaritas! Everyone usually whips up the traditional lime cocktail, but if you’re looking to spice up your party, try one of these concoctions; they’ll have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about margaritas!

Directions: Add about 1 ¼ cup of cherries to a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and muddle together with a wooden spoon. Combine all of the ingredients together into a shaker with ice and mix together. Serve with the lime wedges and cherries to garnish. Yields 10 servings.

Directions: Juice each of the five limes. In a shaker, combine the silver tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup and the lime juice and let it sit. On a plate, mix the sugar and dried lavender and use it to rim the outside of the glasses. Fill each glass with ice. Shake and strain the contents of the shaker into the glass. Makes 10 servings.


Essential 2: Decorations
Ever wondered how those beautiful, color piñatas are created? Wonder no more, because we have a step-by-step guide to help you make your own magnificent creations at home!New Picture (2)New Picture (3)

Essential 3: Entertainment
Not only does your newly-made piñata act as the perfect fiesta decoration, it can also be used for a party game. Taking turns whacking the piñata with a stick is a classic party game and just as fun for adults as it is for children! To make your piñata game more adult friendly, gear your prizes for an older age group. Instead of toys, try stuffing candy or small gift cards into your piñata.New Picture (1)

By channeling your innovative side, you’ll be amazed at the party you’ll be able throw. By the end of the night your guests will think they went to a party south of the border! Get inspired by this throwback fiesta-themed party set-up featured in Entertaining with Longaberger:New Picture