Mother’s Day Gift Basket Guide

Once a year Mother’s Day comes along and allows each of us a little time to reflect on what the moms in our life mean to us. Sometimes it may be difficult to express our appreciation for our mentors – so for this Mother’s Day we’ve prepared a gift basket guide to help you put together a present any mom will love. While each of these baskets is unique and can appeal to a variety of mothers, they all center on making her feel special.


The Gift of Relaxation:


Put together a basket with one goal in mind: relaxation. You can do something small, but long-lasting like gathering lotions, candles, and soaps in her favorite scents so that she can have an extra pick-up every day. Or create one, extravagant personal day with everything she needs to a day all about her. Put together a manicure kit with nail polish, lotion, and nail file or a soothing bath package complete with candles, a magazine, and her favorite wine. This kind of gift basket allows her to take some time for herself (a rare occasion for many moms!) and is totally customizable to match however your mother likes to relax.


The Gift of Togetherness:

Every year my sister and I ask my mother what she would like for Mother’s Day – every year we get the same answer: she wants to spend time with us. However, after so many Mother’s Days it may be getting trickier to find unique activities to do with your mom so here are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Mother's Day

Our 2015 Mother’s Day Basket

Start a small project together! With the warm weathering rolling in now is the perfect time to take yourselves outside. Gardening is a great project to embark upon because it can be a great way to distress and is low key. Try putting together a basket with some seedlings of her favorite flowers add in some garden gloves, small pots, and a trowel.


Get in touch with your inner child together! Put together a gift basket of both of you favorite childhood games and activities. Coloring books, a jump rope, bubbles, anything that takes you back to your carefree childhood days together. In the process you may find you learn a lot more about your mom you didn’t know, like that she used to be her grade school’s hula hoop champion or that she used to own a huge collection of mini race cars.


The Gift of Treats:

Some things are classics for a reason and making a meal for mom is one of those special troupes of the holiday that just seem to always work. This year why not put a twist on the classic?

Keep her to yourself and throw a special tea for two! Instead of brunch put together a sophisticated and fun tea party either for just you and mom. Create a basket with her favorite teas and a pair of new mugs and just sit together and enjoy a relaxing morning together.tea-6157

Or instead of the traditional brunch out – bring it in! Have a family brunch together to celebrate all of the moms in your family. Surprise mom with a basket of light breakfast treats and an invitation to brunch later on – this way she’ll have something to hold her over until the meal and get excited for the special meal to come. Get inspired with this throwback to a Mother’s Day Brunch from the 90’s!Mother's Day Table Setting

 Mothers come in all shapes and sizes so from all of us here at The Longaberger Company we wanted to wish each and every mom out there a very special Mother’s Day!