Mitja Bokun: The Man behind the Ink

From illustrating breath-taking portraits of models across Europe to being Co-editor in Chief of Reserved Magazine in New York, brilliant artist, Mitja Bokun has covered the world – in ink. Thanks to his relationship with president Michael Somoroff, our Longaberger family got the opportunity to experience Mitja’s work in the first edition of our Longaberger StoryBook for which he is responsible for the uncannily realistic portraits featuring StoryBook contributors.

Michael Somoroff

As one of the newest members of our extended Longaberger family, Mitja was quick to notice and appreciate the values that make our family so special. He explains how his first impression about Longaberger made him, “happy to collaborate with a company who respects tradition, family and employee relationships and a connection to environment and community.”

Mitja’s connection to his subject is apparent through the works of art he created for our Longaberger StoryBook. Going off of a simple photograph, the Slovenian artist captured not only the faces of our contributors, but also their spirits. Below are his illustrious depictions of Longaberger Manager Ruth Miller whose delectable culinary skills were featured in the recipes showcased in StoryBook, as well as, Food Editor Sandy White who’s style brought the atmosphere of sharing and Thanksgiving into our first edition. Additionally, Mitja captured former Design Director of LIFE magazine, Tom Bentkowski whose indescribable talent fashioned each stories’ layout to mold together our one-of-a-kind creation.

Sandy White

Ruth Miller













Tom Bentkowski

In continuing to express his feelings about Longaberger Mitja believes that, “it is a American tradition and I think Storybook represent the same spirit,” to which he jokingly follows with “but I’m European, so I am just guessing!”

Mitja’s most recent projects include work for Japanese cosmetics company, Shiseido, to launch their new product, Ultimune, as well as, illustration work for the American edition of Reader’s Digest. In addition, last September Mitja was part of an exhibition of several illustrators in Paris at the launch of Diane Pernet perfumes. Check out his work for this project featured in Vogue Italia here: Mitja’s Work.

Due to his unmistakable talent, The Longaberger Company was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mitja on our first edition of the Longaberger StoryBook. Haven’t seen it? Click here to request your copy of our Longaberber StoryBook.

Come back next week to hear StoryBook writer, Justin Mack’s story as he shares his experience with the Longaberger Company!

Justin Mack

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