15 Reasons for College Students to Love Khaki Check

This season we are all about Khaki Check because it is the perfect addition to any room. Whether you’re in a tiny dorm room or a spacious apartment, these baskets will be just the thing you need to get organized, stay active, and add that touch of fall you’ve been looking for. Here at the Big Basket we’ve found 15 reasons you just can’t live without khaki check:


1. Use them as a go to bin for your keys, wallet, and other odds and ends

2. Store all of your favorite video games or movies

3. Create an exercise relief station with your favorite energy bars, fruit, and Gatorade

4. Hold all of your make-up, toiletries, and hair care supplies in one place


12918 (2)5. Get organized for finals by keeping together all of your important notes

6. Make an easy cooler for drinks by lining a basket with plastic wrap – just add ice!

7. Go outside for a picnic and enjoy the leaves while they last

8. Put together a coffee and tea station for those late nights (and early mornings)

12919 (2)9. Transport heavy books, food, maybe even small loads of laundry

10. Store your dishes, cups and silverware out of the way

11. Create a charging station for your phone or tablet


12. Put all your favorite snacks together for the ultimate finals relief

13. Make a place for all your bills or important papers

14. Organize your desk with places for supplies, books, and folders

15. Keep up to date by keeping your magazines in the same convenient space


With Khaki Check you’ll have so much extra time and space you may just be able to study ahead of time for finals!

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