DIY Tie-Ons with Personality

Having just graduated from college not that long ago, I’ve moved into a lot of new spaces in the past few years.  While moving around so much definitely got tiring, it was also really exciting for me, because I love decorating and making my new dorm or apartment my own.  Decorating not only lets us express ourselves, but it also helps to make those otherwise bland and boring rooms feel like home.

The easiest (and sometimes only) way to bring style into a new space is to accessorize.  Swapping out old accessories for new ones can help to breathe new life into an existing space that just doesn’t quite feel like “you” anymore, too.  To this note, baskets make some of the most versatile and useful accessories, because they not only store things and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but you can also decorate them so that they reflect your own personal style.  Below, I have shared just a few new and crafty ways to decorate your baskets, so find an example that speaks to your style and get crafting!

All Final Square 

Wonderfully Vintage

If walking into your house feels like walking into a perfectly cultivated antique shop, you might have a pocket watch or two lying around that you’d love to display, but you just haven’t found the right place for it yet.  If that’s so, then why not add it to a basket?

18 inches of ribbon
Pocket Watch


Making this tie-on is really easy – it only requires you to attach a ribbon to a pocket watch.  Now, you could simply thread one end through the ring and leave it at that, or you can try this method: fold the ribbon in half with the back sides facing each other.  Then take the top half and turn it 180 degrees so that the back of both halves are facing up.

Watch Steps

Insert the looped end of the ribbon through the ring from front to back, and then thread the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull tight.  This creates a very neat attachment known as a lanyard hitch, and now your new tie-on is ready to go.

Watch Final


Bright and Colorful

Are you a person that needs lots of color in your life?  Well, one simple way to get that pop of brightness without painting the walls is to add something colorful to a basket.  One great item that can usually be found in a variety of colors is a brooch.  

18 inches of ribbon
Rubber earring backs (optional)


This tie-on is also really simple to create.  First take your ribbon and fold it in half.  Then, tie an overhand knot close to the folded end.  To do this, hold both strands of the ribbon together as one, wrap into a loop with the folded end on top, fold the end backwards and under the long piece to pass it through the loop, and pull it as tight as you can. This will create a nice, tight base for you to push the pin of your brooch through so that the ribbon will not slide along the length of the pin and cause the brooch to end up lopsided.

Brooch Steps

Now, you can go ahead and push the pin of the brooch through the knot, and then fasten the pin in place.  Attach your tie-on to your basket, and then move the knot along the pin until the brooch hangs straight.  If your brooch is not symmetrical, the knot may need to rest somewhere other than the center of the pin, so play around with it until it looks right.  Tip: if you find that for some reason the knot in your ribbon does not stay where you position it on the pin, you can take a pair of rubber earring backs and sandwich the ribbon knot between them on the pin so that it is no longer able to slide.

Brooch Final


Perfectly Picture-esque

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So when it comes to decorating and expressing yourself, it makes sense to use pictures to help tell the story of our lives.  If you’re the type of person that absolutely loves using pictures in your décor and finding new and unique ways to incorporate them, why not try a mini picture frame tie-on?

18 inches of ribbon
Small picture frame
Picture, cut to fit frame
Card stock, cut to fit frame


To create this versatile decoration, first decide what direction you would like your frame to hang.  Then, take your ribbon and fold it in half into a V shape.  You will then staple the ribbon to your piece of card stock, with the ends stretching out from either the long or short side, depending upon which way you want your picture frame to hang.

Frame Steps

To complete this tie-on, take the back off the frame, insert your picture followed by the piece of card stock with the ribbons attached (make sure the ribbons are laying nicely), and then reattach the back of the frame.

Frame Final


Festively Seasonal

Do you like to get into the holiday spirit and make your décor match the season? Well tie-ons are a great way to take a non-seasonal basket and dress it up for the holidays.  Here is just one way you can take one of our classic baskets and make it into one that spreads holiday cheer.

42 inches of ribbon, cut into one 18 inch length and three 8 inch lengths
4 various Christmas ornaments


First, take two of your 8 inch ribbons and hold them together.  Then, take your 18 inch ribbon and place it across the middle of the 8 inch ribbons. Fold the shorter pieces in half around the longer piece.  You may want to find something heavy to set on the ends of the 8 inch ribbons to make sure they don’t move.  Now take your last piece of ribbon and tie it tightly around the cluster of 8 inch ribbons near the fold, leaving a big enough loop for the 18 inch piece to slide through easily.  Finish this knot with a bow.

Ornaments Steps

Now, tie your ornaments to the individual pieces of ribbon hanging down at varying intervals so that they hang in a cluster.  The type of knot used here does not really matter, so long as it is tight.  If your ribbons aren’t quite long enough, you can carefully adjust them by tugging them through the loop at the top.  Once you have your ornaments tied in place and they hang to your liking, trim the ends of the ribbons close to the knot, leaving only enough length so that they do not come untied (1/4 inch should be plenty).  

Ornaments Final


Glitzy and Glamorous

If you’re a person that likes a bit of sparkle in your life, chances are, you have a necklace that would look great as a decoration on a basket.  Now, this tutorial isn’t technically for how to create a tie-on, but rather instructions for how to make a hook for your basket with which you can easily attach your necklace (without making any changes to the necklace itself) in a way that makes it easy to remove in case you want to wear it.

Pliers (optional)


To start off, you’ll first want to take your paperclip and un-bend the two ends so that it is still bent more or less in half.  Using the edge of a table or your pliers, create a bend about ½ inch from the folded end.  Then, create another bend ½ inch from the first, but facing the opposite way so that your paperclip looks like a Z.  Right angles will work fine for this makeshift hook you are creating, but if you plan to use a protector, you will want to make the angles smaller so the hook is thinner and takes up less space.

Clip Steps

Take your basket and find a gap between two splints close to the top of the basket.  Slide the two uneven ends of the hook up into the space on the inside of the basket, which will result in your hook facing down.  Line your necklace up so the pendant hangs where you would like it, and then take the chain and wrap it under the hook one time.

Necklace Steps

Separate the pieces of the chain closest to the pendant and pass the ends of the chain through, and then let the remainder of the chain drop into the basket.  To open up the chain a little so that it hangs in a V, take the piece of chain closest to the pendant that is sandwiched between the basket and the tail of the chain, and pass it under the hook.  Your basket is now dressed for success and ready to beautify your room.

Necklace Final


Now that you have a newly completed tie-on, tie it to your basket and display it with pride!  If you have your own new and creative ideas for creating tie-ons, make sure to comment below and share pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #BigBasketBlog.