A Longaberger Story: Our Interns

This summer, Longaberger is excited to work with three amazing interns, Colleen, Ashley, and Marcus. In order to get to know the newest members of our Longaberger family, I sat down with each of them and talked about their experiences both in and out of the company. By the end of all their interviews, it was clear that these individuals are perfect examples of Longaberger baskets: they’re unique, helpful, and tons of fun! Check out their stories:


Ashley- Event Coordinator Intern

This bubbly intern is a local from Newark, Ohio, with an extensive background in dance. Her passion for dancing is apparent throughout our conversation; she even mentions how she danced at the Bee in 2008! A title winner in competitive dance, Ashley shares her enthusiasm as a dance teacher in a local studio. Along with her accomplishments in the dance world, Ashley is also working on a psychology major at Ohio University, with double minors in business and communications.

At the home office, Ashley is assisting our Events team with their preparations for Bee 2014. You can even look for her in one of our upcoming Bee videos! In addition, this newcomer loves the ability to be creative in her internship, as well as all the experience that comes along with it. When talking about the challenges of her job, she says that, “there’s no how-to book, you just get thrown in and learn.”

Fun fact: When asked what kind of Longaberger basket she would be, Ashley unhesitatingly stated, “I’d be the Ballerina Basket!”

Copy of IMG_6464

Marcus- Information Technology Intern

Also a native of Newark, Ohio, Marcus has interests in a little bit of everything. This intern plays hockey for Denison University, cooks, and played the baritone in the Newark High School Marching Band. In addition to all of this, Marcus is also currently studying at the Central Ohio Technical College to earn a degree as an IT Specialist.

Marcus is no stranger to The Longaberger Company, growing up with nearly 30 Longaberger baskets in his home. In fact, one of his favorite products is our wrought iron bookshelf that he used to hold all of his favorite childhood books.

As an intern, Marcus assists with day-to-day technology help for us here at the home office. He says that the best part of his job is being able to help people. “Even if I’m doing a simple fix, it feels good to know how to do that and help someone.”

Fun fact: After thinking for a couple moments, Marcus proudly states that if he were a Longaberger basket, he would be called the Hockey Basket!

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Colleen- Marketing Intern

Our final intern, from Marietta, Ohio, is a wizard with photography (she took all of the pictures in this post!). As a student at The Ohio State University, Colleen is working on a major in communication technology. Along with her love of photography, this intern loves being outdoors, especially when she can go camping and hiking. Although she has only traveled there once, her favorite place to hike is in Colorado.

Growing up with our products, Colleen especially loves our mixing bowls. She says, “I would like them in my own kitchen; I just feel like they would last forever.” She was very excited to start her internship here at Longaberger because she felt that it mixed both of her passions, technology and design. As our marketing intern, Colleen reviews photos for different departments, and helps to work on photos for our upcoming Fall/Winter Wish List. She talks about how much she loves putting her creativity to work, because she feels like she can make a big difference here.

Fun Fact: When asked what kind of a Longaberger basket she would be, Colleen settled on the Button Basket!Copy of IMG_6482

Here are some of the fun photos from our intern photo shoot!