The Graduation Gift Dilemma

Summer is fast approaching, and that means the graduation party invitations are flying in and filling up your calendar. You know you need gifts for everyone — something for your niece, your co-worker’s son, and the neighbor’s daughter — but if you want to give more than just a card what do you do?

As a recent grad, I can tell you from personal experience that cards are nice, but they’re certainly not memorable. Sure, sending cards with a check for everyone on your graduation party list is easy and quick, but we’re celebrating a major accomplishment – it’s time to stand out and find something unique for your grad!

Look for gifts that are outside the box, gifts that really make them want to write all of those thank-you cards. So now that I’ve set the bar so high, where do you go from here? When you’re out shopping for a graduation present (or a bunch of them), keep the needs of the graduate in mind:

Gifts for storage: Get them something to help them stay organized, because trust me — after graduating, organized is the last thing we are!

Gifts for decorating: Most of us are moving out of Mom and Dad’s and headed to a place we want to make our own. Get your grad something to help make their new place a home.


Gifts for not going hungry: For the first time ever, our hunger needs are totally dependent on our ability to provide ourselves with food. Help! Don’t undervalue how appreciated a cookbook, recipe, or simple meal guide would be. Believe it or not, some of us don’t even know how to make pasta yet!

Indoor S'mores

Gifts for chores: It’s also time for grads to learn that no one will be doing their laundry anymore. My first day of college, I watched freshmen stare at the washing machines, entirely unsure of how to even begin washing their clothes. Help get your graduate started with laundry baskets, hampers, and drying racks — trust me, they’ll thank you later. Bonus points if you can get them items to match their new school colors!

Picture3Gifts for stress: Graduating is wonderful and exciting, but post-graduation is a stressful affair. With all of the change that comes with this momentous occasion, a rough day is bound to happen, so get them a little something to brighten up that bad day.

Cupcake Basket

Trust me, cupcakes are always fun!

Whatever you end up getting, just remember to have fun and be creative!