50 Things You Can Do with a Basket

Here at the Basket (what I call our home office), we can get a little crazy about our products. This is because we’re not just basket makers, we’re basket lovers! My first day here, I couldn’t believe all the different ways baskets were used around the office. Since then, I have come to realize just how many uses baskets have; they have a place in every room of the house, at the office, and everywhere you go in between. So settle in, because I have found 50 different things you can do with these handy products that are going to change the way you think about baskets!

Baskets at your Office

Like I mentioned, we use baskets in the office every single day, and you can too! Check out these pictures from around our home office that our amazing intern, Colleen, photographed!

Baskets can…

1. Keep snacks handy nearby (or hide the really good ones!)

2. Organize the clutter on your desk

3. Collect the mail

New Picture

4. Deck out any conference table

5. Be a coffee and tea station

6. Help us remember our history (we have baskets made by J.W., Dave, and Tami to remind us of our Longaberger journey)

7. Be used as lunch boxes

8. Act as recycle bins

New Picture (1)

9. Transport items to big events

10. Act as waste baskets

11. Hold office supplies

12. Store your filesNew Picture (2)

13. Decorate your desk

14. Act as umbrella stands

15. Inspire creativity

16. Be a home office!

New Picture (3)

Baskets in your Home

From organizing and storage to décor, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without these handy containers!

Baskets are…

17. Sewing boxes

18. Magazine collectors

19. Pet beds (just be sure to line them with plenty of blankets so Fluffy doesn’t chew on them!)6330726

20. Remote control centers

21. Flower pot holders (be sure to use a protector)

22. Pieces of artwork

23. Memory boxes

24. Towel holders

25. Shoe collectors

26. Laundry baskets (because some things just shouldn’t change!)

27. Goody basketsMashup

28. Dirty clothes hampers

29. Condiment caddies

30. Odds and ends containers

31. Jewelry boxes

32. Tissue boxes

33. Blanket bins

34. Silverware caddies

35. Food trays

36. Make-up bags

Mashup 2

37. Book ends

38. Table centerpieces

39. Grab-and-go bins

Baskets for When You’re on the Go

Believe it or not, there are also ways to use baskets when you’re out and about!

Baskets can…

40. Act as tool kits

41. Be a cooler (just line them with plastic and fill with ice)

42. Work as summer totes

43. Make up a gift basket

Mashup 3

44. Carry items at the Farmer’s Market

45. Transport food

46. Go picnicking


47. Carry sports equipment

48. Play basketball (where do you think they got the name? Just be sure to use a foam ball)

49. Store containers for anything and everything you could think

And the 50th most important thing you can do with a basket is (drum roll please!):63285

50. HAVE FUN!!

So get creative and discover all of the unbe-weavable uses for baskets!